Nedjma Baya Zitouni

Research assistant

B.Sc (biochemistry) Ph.D. (biochemistry)

Project :

I am the biochemist in charge of developing purification protocols of contractile proteins from various animal species and organs such as mouse and rat trachea as well as horse peripheral airways. These proteins are used in functional assays such as the in vitro motility and the laser trap assays. I also optimize co-sedimentation techniques for stoichiometric bindings of these proteins. Finally, I also develop protocols of amplified Western blot for contractile protein quantification in human bronchial biopsies.


Figure 1: SDS-PAGE. Coomassie blue staining of :

A): Skeletal musle actin purified from chicken breast

B): Smooth musle myosin purified from chicken gizzard

Figure 1-A : 


Amplified Western blot of Human Lung Biopsies: (+)insert SMMHC isoform: (sample 1 right, sample 2 left)

Gel de myosine

An example of Quick Release Techniques: Muscle strip was chemically stimulated to be clamped at 20% of its isometric force. The lower graph shows muscle shortening.

Figure 2 :


Urea/Glycerol gel. Coomassie blue staining of unPhosphorylated and phosphorylated purified chicken gizzard myosin.

Figure 3:

Amplified Western blot human airway smooth muscle myosin. (This picture will be soon on the website) total SMMHC

(+) Insert SMMCH