Linda Kachmar

Research Assistant

B.Sc Medical laboratory sciences

Project :

I am the coordinator of the muscle mechanics core facility. I perform smooth muscle strip experiments (force-velocity measurements using the quick release technique) in intact and in permeabilized uscle strips. I also perform biochemistry experiments such as protein extraction, gel electrophoresis, Western blotting, urea gels, real-time PCR.


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Fig.1: An example of Quick Release Techniques: Muscle strip was chemically stimulated to be clamped at 20% of its isometric force. The lower graph shows muscle shortening.

linda page_clip_image002_0000

Fig. 2: Example of Maximum velocity of shortening (Vmax) for C57BL/6 Cftr +/+ and C57BL/6 Cftr -/- mice ileum.

linda page_clip_image002

Fig.3: Dose response curve to Mch followed by Isoproterenol of ileal smooth muscle strips.