Gijs IJpma

Postdoctoral Fellow

Bsc and Msc. Mechanical Engineering, PhD Biomedical engineering

Project : Smooth muscle strip mechanics in asthma

My research focuses on smooth muscle mechanics in the human lung. AAs part of a larger multi-scale investigation into human lung behavior in health and asthma, I get the rare opportunity to work with live human tissues. I dissect airway smooth muscle from the lungs at several levels and investigate mechanical characteristics such as shortening velocity, length and force adaptation and response to simulated deep inspiration. These characteristics are compared between healthy and asthmatic lungs, in parallel with protein analyses by other members of the lab. Imaging of the airway tree is also undertaken to investigate the differences in airway smooth muscle orientation and structure in asthmatic lungs.

In between receiving the human lungs I work with Dr. Martin on atomic force measurements of smooth muscle and epithelial cell mechanical properties.